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Inszone’s Explosive Growth Ventures into Lucrative New Market


Feb 17, 2024 #Insurance

The acquisition of a firm with origins in the silent era is part of a new deal.

The entertainment industry’s go-to insurance provider since 1953, Truman Van Dyke Company, has been acquired by Inszone Insurance Services.

The firm has strong industry ties, having been founded by Truman Van Dyke Sr. and his son. Van Dyke Sr. had a career as an insurance salesman after a stint in silent films.

The agency has gained valuable insights into the insurance demands of the entertainment business from this experience and familial connections to the industry through marriage to renowned costume designer Renié.

Inszone plans to disclose further expansion-related news soon after integrating Truman Van Dyke Company into the firm, which could help the company’s growth trajectory.
The CEO of Inszone Insurance Services, Chris Walters, emphasized the purchase as a critical step.

We are prepared to provide first-rate, individualised solutions because we are merging our assets with Truman Van Dyke’s vast legacy. Thanks to Inszone’s capabilities, we can continue to provide clients with the same great service. The CEO of Inszone, Chris Walters, expressed his excitement about the company’s plans to expand nationally and adapt to the changing needs of their clients in the entertainment business.

Inszone has been strengthening its trucking portfolio through a series of acquisitions, the most recent of which was Southwest Insurance.

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