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Apply Now 2024: Human Resource Trainee Position at MyRewin Technology Limited


Jan 19, 2024

Human Resource Trainee

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification MBA/MSc/MA
  • Experience 1 year
  • Location Rivers
  • Job Field Human Resources / HR  , Internships / Volunteering 
  • Posted: Jan 18, 2024
  • Deadline: Jan 31, 2024

human resource trainee

Looking to start your human resources career? MyRewin Technology Limited is presently accepting operations for its Human Resource Trainee program. This is your occasion to gain precious on- the- job experience at a fastgrowing technology company while being guided by seasoned HR professionals.

Over the course of the one- time program, you’ll rotate through HR disciplines, working on recruiting, compensation, hand relations issues, and more. The program will give you broad exposure to the crucial areas of human resources while allowing you to develop technical chops and knowledge.

At the end of the trainee program, top players may be eligible for a fulltime human resources part at MyRewin. However, apply now for this unique training program, If you’re passionate about HR and want to break into the field.

Overview of the Human Resource Trainee Role at MyRewin Technology Limited

As a Human Resource Trainee at MyRewin, you’ll have the occasion to learn and develop while supporting crucial HR functions and enterprise within a fastgrowing technology company. The part provides exposure across several areas

  • Talent Acquisition help with fullcycle recruiting including job advertisement, capsule webbing, interviews, selection, and onboarding. Help match lot reclamation drives and job expositions.
  • Hand Relations Learn about labor laws and HR programs. help in addressing hand grievances, comforting and correctional issues. Support the hand recognition program.
  • Training and Development Help organize training programs and track completion. help withe-learning course development. Measure program effectiveness.
  • HR Administration Gain experience with HR systems and databases for attendance, payroll, performance appraisals, benefits administration and further.
  • HR Compliance Learn HR checkups, compliance checks, and legal scores around equal occasion, importunity, health and safety regulations.

The 12- month program includes a blend of on- the- job literacy, 11 mentoring from senior HR professionals, and formal training shops. Trainees who successfully complete the program may be offered a endless HR part at MyRewin.

still, this is an excellent occasion to gain hands– on experience across the HR function, If you’re passionate about people and gift operation within the commercial environment. Apply now for the chance to kickstart an instigative career in human resources.

Requirements and Qualifications for the Position

As a Human Resource Trainee at MyRewin Technology Limited, you’ll be needed to demonstrate certain chops and meet certain qualifications

Education and Experience

  • A bachelorette‘s degree in mortal coffers, business operation, or a affiliated field
  • Some internship or entry position experience in Human Resource, reclamation, or training is preferred Key Skills
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills for interacting with workers at all situations
  • Strong problem working and logical thinking for resolving plant issues
  • Excellent organizational and time operation to handle multiple HR projects and tasks
  • High attention to detail in maintaining accurate HR records and documents
  • Working knowledge of HR information systems and aspirant tracking systems
  • Core capabilities
  • Reclamation and gift accession– post jobs, screen aspirants, coordinate interviews
  • Onboarding and exposure for new hires and transfers
  • Maintaining digital and physical hand records and HR databases
  • introductory knowledge of compensation structures, labor laws, and company programs
  • Training chops to help deliver new programs

To be a strong seeker for this Human Resource Trainee part at our dynamic technology company, you’ll need to be a visionary learner with a passion for helping and championing for workers. An undergraduate degree paired with some original HR exposure, strong communication capacities, critical thinking, and organizational aptitude will place you for success in this occasion.

How to Apply for the Human Resource Trainee Opening

To apply for the open human Resource Trainee position at MyRewin Technology Limited

  • Visit the careers section of the MyRewin website and detect the job posting or click the apply link. Precisely review the full job description, conditions and qualifications.
  • Prepare and polish your capsule or CV, pressing applicable education, chops and experience. Include keywords from the job advertisement. Consider having a career trainer, tutor or trusted coworker review it.
  • Write a compelling cover letter that aligns your background with the position and company. Convey your passion for human resources and interest in MyRewin. Address it to the hiring director if a name is given.
  • Apply online by the stated deadline, attaching requested operation documents like your cover letter, capsule and references. Follow all directions nearly.
  • still, complete any online forms, questionnaires, If asked. Completely answer all questions.
  • Check your dispatch and operation portal account regularly for any dispatches from MyRewin’s gift accession platoon regarding your submission. instantly schedule or complete coming way like a phone screen or interview.
  • During the interview process, prepare by probing the company and part. Review generally asked HR questions and practice responding compactly. Dress professionally and arrive beforehand.

Following these way precisely while pressing your genuine interest, qualifications and fit for the part can lead to a successful operation. Reach out for backing navigating any part of the process. We wish you the veritably stylish with this promising occasion to jumpstart your HR career at an innovative, growing company like MyRewin Technology Limited.


In summary, the human resource trainee position at MyRewin Technology Limited presents an instigative occasion to gain valuable experience in the human resources field. As outlined, it requires strong interpersonal, organizational, and logical chops to be successful in the part and contribute to the company‘s human capital strategy. We encourage any prospective aspirants with the needful capabilities to apply for this opening per the instructions handed. Landing this part can serve as a stepping gravestone to advance your HR career, while allowing you to be an integral part of a dynamic technology company. Stylish of luck with your operation.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified as a Human Resource Trainee ? Go to MyRewin Technology Limited on docs.google.com to apply

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