VLIR-UOS Scholarship 2023/2024 to Study in Belgium


Education plays a pivotal role in fostering sustainable development and empowering individuals to create positive change in their communities and beyond. The VLIR-UOS Scholarship program, funded by the Belgian government, aims to contribute to this vision by providing scholarships to students from developing countries, including Africa. In this article, we will explore the significance of the VLIR-UOS Scholarship and how it is fostering global development through education.

Belgium is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and is home to several world-class universities and research institutions. The country has a strong commitment to international cooperation in education and research, making it an ideal destination for students seeking quality education and cross-cultural experiences.

The VLIR-UOS Scholarship program is a key component of Belgiums development cooperation efforts. VLIR stands for the Flemish Inter-university Council, and UOS refers to University Development Cooperation. Together, they collaborate to offer scholarships that aim to build capacity, promote sustainable development, and strengthen the ties between Belgian higher education institutions and partner institutions in developing countries.

Types of VLIR-UOS Scholarship

The VLIR-UOS Scholarship program offers various types of scholarships, each catering to specific needs and academic levels:

1. Master’s Scholarships

Master’s scholarships are available for students from developing countries who wish to pursue a full-time master’s program at a Belgian university. These scholarships cover tuition fees, travel costs, accommodation, and other related expenses.

2. Training and Short Courses

The program also offers scholarships for short training courses, providing professionals and researchers from partner countries with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in specific areas of expertise.

3. Doctoral Scholarships

For students aiming for doctoral studies, the VLIR-UOS Scholarship program provides scholarships for full-time doctoral research at Belgian universities, supporting them in conducting research that contributes to sustainable development.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

The eligibility criteria for VLIR-UOS Scholarships depend on the specific scholarship type and academic program. Generally, applicants must be nationals of a partner country and hold a degree relevant to the chosen study program. Additionally, candidates are evaluated based on their academic excellence, professional experience, and commitment to contributing to the development of their home countries.

Applying for a VLIR-UOS Scholarship involves several steps and they are:

  1. Research and Choose a Program: Applicants should explore the list of available master’s programs, training courses, or doctoral opportunities on the VLIR-UOS website and select a program that aligns with their academic and professional goals.
  2. Review the Application Procedure: Each scholarship type has specific application guidelines, deadlines, and requirements. Applicants must carefully review these details and adhere to the instructions provided.
  3. Prepare Application Documents: Applicants typically need to submit academic transcripts, letters of motivation, recommendation letters, and a well-structured research proposal (for doctoral candidates).
  4. Submit the Application: Candidates should submit their completed applications through the VLIR-UOS online application portal before the specified deadline.

The VLIR-UOS Scholarship program stands as a testament to Belgium’s commitment to international cooperation and sustainable development. By investing in the education and capacity-building of individuals from developing countries, the program plays a pivotal role in fostering global development and shaping a brighter future for communities worldwide. As scholarship recipients return to their home countries with newfound knowledge and expertise, they become agents of positive change, driving progress and creating a lasting impact on their societies.