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Do This Before You Listen To Music On a Plane In 2023 Using This Apps 

Do This Before You Listen To Music On a Plane In 2023 Using This Apps 

Hi, today we’ll be discussing how you can listen to music on a plane offline and even for free in 2022. We all know how lousy the sounds from a plane could be, starting from the tarmac to the sky. Apart from reading a book, listening to songs might kill this boredom and also serve as a good time pass. 

So, how do you listen to music on a plane?

I have done some research and found out that you could listen to music while in the aeroplane but you’ll need to follow some special caution policies before you can do this in order not to cause casualties.

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This policy guides the safety and wellbeing of other passengers on board, including you. Without such policy, a typical flight would descend into chaos.

This article would guide you to listen to music while in the plane and also enjoy your trip. 

Can we listen to music while we are in an aeroplane?

Yes, you can listen to music while in the aeroplane. You can listen to music on a plane if your phone is in airplane mode but If you don’t have a phone, you can use auxiliary headphones plugged into the plane’s armrest to choose from roughly 10 channels and enjoy your trip.

How to Listen To Music On A Plane

Many popular streaming music sites, such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, and others, can be used to listen to music while flying. These platforms are available with and without premium features, and they all function flawlessly in the United States and other countries.

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Here’s how to listen to music while flying: on flights, the ideal way to listen to music is on your phone, you can use an app or download your favourite music as a file, however, some music applications will present you with more recent songs and options.

Many airlines offer free WiFi, so if you’re lucky you can just access your favourite music app and stream.

If your aircraft has WiFi, you can listen to your favourite songs using the free Spotify app or any other streaming service available but do not dare to put off your flight mode.

These are other method to listen to songs while on a plane, and such method are as follows:

  • Using Spotify App
  • Apple Music 
  • Pandora
  • Caching your music

1. Using Spotify: Spotify is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. It allows users to access their files and to listen to their preferred songs. Spotify currently allows you to download music and then listen to them while you are offline or airplane mode.

2. Apple Music: Apple Music is a music, audio, and video streaming service. It allows users to choose music to listen to from their smartphone’s download files or from existing playlists. Apple Music 1 and Apple Music Hits, as well as Apple Music Country, are part of its Internet radio stations that transmit live to over 200 countries in a day.

3. Using Pandora: Pandora is a paid and free music streaming service that allows users to listen to established genre stations or create their own, based on their musical preferences. You can simply listen to music with this Pandora while you’re on a plane.

4. Caching your music:  You can save music in your file and access them while your phone is on airplane mode. This is one of the easiest ways to play music while in an aeroplane. 

There are a few streaming apps that will let you cache your music so you may listen to it later while you are offline. Spotify is an example of an app that allows caching.

The cache on your computer is where Spotify saves temporary versions of your tracks as well as track fragments. Because it keeps tunes you’ve played before and may listen to again, the cache lessens demand on Spotify’s servers and your Internet Service Provider.

How to Cache Music On Spotify: check the Spotify menu, select FilePreferences, then choose cache to access your cached music files. 

Click on the location button to open the browse dialog box.

Now go to your external hard drive or storage device and choose a folder in which to save your cache file, then click open to confirm your choice.

Best Apps To Listen To Music On A Plane 2023

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Are you confused about the app to use when you need to go on an aeroplane and listen to music without causing any chaos? Here are some music apps that work on airplane mode

  • Google Play Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Napster
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Pandora

Google Play Music & Podcast

Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service as well as an online music locker that enables you to store up to 50,000 songs from your personal libraries for free if you have a premium membership. Podcasts are also available for free to listen to for standard users in the US and Canada

With the Google Play Music mobile app you can also access offline playback of tracks stored on your smartphone device. Here are some of the app features in the table below

Features for Free Google Play Music Accounts
Storage It offers all users storage of up to 50,000 files for free
Accessibility you can listen to music on the web version as well as through the app.
Supported file formats MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg, and ALAC.
Space 300 MB after conversion
WiFi/Data Songs can be downloaded on the mobile apps for offline playback,

How to Use Google Play Music While on Plane

To use the Google play music app, you will have to download the songs when you’re online, and make them available offline till when you’ll be boarding a plane.

When you want to listen to music on an aeroplane with the Google play music app, put off your data connection and either use the airline WiFi.

YouTube Music App

YouTube music app is a streaming app that enables you to browse through songs and other music videos. 

It has both a paid and free version. In the paid version, users would not be shown disruptive advertisements and they would also be able to download songs for offline playbacks. So if you don’t have the premium membership you won’t be able to listen to music on a plane.

Napster Music App

Napster is an audio streaming service which is owned by MelodyVR. This app makes it possible for you to listen to music while travelling.

Can you use Napster to listen to music on an aeroplane? Yes it is perfect for listening on a plane. It is a safe and easy to use music app and available at no extra cost, meaning that you can listen to music on a plane for free with the Napster app.

Spotify Music App

Spotify is one of the famous music streaming platforms available now. It allows you to download songs for playback when you’re offline or without WiFi. 

Can You Listen To Spotify On A Plane

Yeah, you can perfectly listen to Spotify music while on a plane. Spotify allows you to download songs while online, cache them and store them to your phone’s file folder to be accessed later. After being stored as an offline playlist, you can then listen to them offline.

You can do this either by putting on your airplane mode or using a WiFi network from your airlines.

How To Use Spotify On Airplane Mode

Airplane mode will prevent Spotify music from being played online, you will always be able to connect to Spotify music, even if your computer is in airplane mode and without internet connections.

Apple Music App [iTunes]

Apple Music is a music, audio, and video streaming service. It allows users to choose music to listen to from their smartphone’s download files or from existing playlists. Will apple music work on a plane? Yes, apple music is one of the best apps to use while on a plane. It allows you to play trackback and enjoy your trip.

How To Play Apple Music On Airplane Mode

In airplane mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are off by default. You won’t be able to make calls, but you will be able to listen to music, play games, and watch movies. Here’s how you can listen to apple music on airplane mode

  • The iPhone symbol should be tapped.
  • Choose Music from the list on the left
  • Make sure the Sync Music checkbox is selected.
  • Then select one of the radio buttons to sync your whole library.
  • Then select the song you want to play.

Pandora Music App

Pandora is a premium and free music streaming service that lets you listen to pre-made genre stations or construct your own based on your musical tastes. While on a plane, you can just listen to music using Pandora.

Do Airlines Plays Music While Flying

Playing music on a plane isn’t a bad idea at all, but have you noticed that songs are played publicly in some airlines for passengers.

This is because, it depends on the type of aircraft and the airline, some airlines play music during boarding and after landing.

Professionally, a personal selection is available via the on-board entertainment system.

Is it dangerous to listen to music on an aeroplane?

No, it is never dangerous to listen to music on an aeroplane. But special caution must be taken in order not to annoy other passengers. Ensure that you are not playing the music loud enough to distract people’s attention and peace, to avoid this, it is mandatory to use a noise cancelling headphone.

Listening to music on a plane can also be dangerous if you cannot listen to Air Traffic Control calls and important conversation. Many people can’t because their music volume is high or they fell asleep while enjoying their playlist.


You can listen to songs offline while in the plane through WiFi or you can play some downloaded songs from your playlists.

If you don’t have one, then consider using some of the apps I listed above. So, this is all how you could listen to music on a plane Using some free apps and paid ones. Tell me what you think about this article, including your favourite app.

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