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Best Way To Write Letter Of Intent For Scholarship Application – 2022

In the case of a scholarship award, a letter of intent can be referred to as a statement of purpose that describes your plans for the future – while in the university or after, coupled with your educational background and other extracurricular activities to show that you are most eligible for the scholarship opportunity.

What Is Letter Of Intent For Scholarship Application? A letter of intent is a formal document written to express a candidate’s interest in a subject matter. This subject matter could vary from a choice of job, or school to applying for a scholarship in a foreign country.

Anyone applying for a job might send a letter of intent to a company if they wanted to work, even if there wasn’t a specific job they were applying for. The candidate might submit a letter of intent along with a general application. How To Write An Award-Winning Scholarship Essay 2022/2023


  • Business Letter Of Intent: This is a letter written by a business person who’s proposing a deal to another business partner. The business letter of intent is a non legal binding documents that states the purpose of the business deal and make known the benefits available for each party. Also, any business person who’s binding for partnership from a bigger firm should make his intentions known through a letter of intent.
  • Property Letter Of Intent: This is common among the real estate firm. In real estate, a letter is written for acquisition of  property for sale, lease or for property management. It is a written documents that states all the needed terms for property sales management including rent, party names and description of property, which should be signed by both parties.
  • Grant Letter Of Intent: This is a way of making your intentions known as to why you want the grant and how you’d make good use of it. It is written to generate the interest of the grant provider. Grant letter of intent should include description of your company or organization, the reason you think deserve the grant and the potential impact pf your project, then you can end the letter with an impressive conclusion.
  • Employment Letter Of Intent: It is an introductory letter written to your aspiring employer. The hiring manager or recruiters might not necessarily post a job but the written letter states your interest of working with them. Employment Letter Of Intent has actually gotten people jobs it’s state why they should be employed and also create a job role that the company never thought of.
  • Scholarship acceptance: When applying for a scholarship award, it is important that a letter of intent be submitted alongside the application letter. It has to be short and a well structured essay that conveys the interest of the applicants to enroll in the school, which also gives the school administration a brief knowledge about the applicants educational background. In this letter, you are permitted to write details about yourself that you believe would fascinate the committee.
  • Family Court Intent Letter : This is quite common in abroad countries where the government can question your ability to parent a child. The  Letter of Intent is an unofficial document that you prepare to help the guardians, trustees and the courts interpret your hopes and desires for your child. It is not a formal “legal” document, but the courts will look to it for guidance in understanding your child and your wishes.


So what are the content found in a brimming letter of intent when applying for scholarship? Well, university have varying standards. Whether, it’s a letter of intent for scholarship or bursary letter of intent, every letter of intent should delineate certain facts that are very important to fulfils its purpose. Kindly follow along as we explain the following parts of a letter of intent.

Letterhead Paragraph
1: Introduction and educational goals Paragraph
2: Previous academic record and transcript Paragraph
3: Work – related experience and skills Paragraph
4: Conclusion
Letterhead Read and research carefully the guidelines for the scholarship you intend to apply. Make sure you know everything the committee wants you to include in your letter of intent. Every letter, be it job or business has a cover letter that contains the mailing address in it, so does a letter of intent for scholarship application. It should contain the sender’s address on the right side followed by the date. The receiver’s address will be placed on the left. Paragraph 1: Introduction and Educational Goals Introduction should come first as it reveals who you are and your intentions. Write an introductory paragraph that is brief and states your purpose for writing the letter, including the name of the scholarship. You can then begin to analyze your study plan. In this case you have to put your emotions into words, that would mean that you have to relate the course of study you are interested in pursuing in the university you are applying for. Then continue with how the subject of your degree relate to career aspirations. Also, do remember that s with any professional written document, you need to follow word length requirements and pro

Letterhead Paragraph
1: Introduction and educational goals Paragraph
2: Previous academic record and transcript Paragraph
3: Work – related experience and skills Paragraph
4: Conclusion

Paragraph 2: Previous Academic Record; In paragraph 2 and 3 lies your chance to show how passionate you are for the course of study. Normally most scholarships do request for your transcript but in the letter of intent, you still have to discuss about your past educational record, course you have studied and the knowledge you have acquired so far. All the above has to be done in paragraph 2. Paragraph 3: Work – Related experience and skills; So you must have some work – related experience. After all, that’s why you want the scholarship – to study a course that would facilitate your career by enlisting your short – term and long term goals. So tell the committee about it. Let them know how serious you are for this venture in your letter of intent for school scholarship. Paragraph 4: Conclusion In the concluding remarks of your letter, you can explain how intentional you are about your career by enlisting your short term and long term goals. In that way, letter of intent for scholarship template will sound purposeful and breathing a battery of inspirations.


  1. Make A Clear Plan: Starting a purposeful write-up or letter with the intention of winning, is like trying to begin a journey. Before the journey commence, you’d have a clear plan about how to get to your destination, details of your mode of transportation and so on. So it is with writing, you need to be clear about what you want to write and how to achieve it before you begin writing.
  2. Maturity In Your Words: There is an adage that says that the maturity of a man is known when he opens his mouth to speak. In applying for scholarships, your words are judged according to written documents. Therefore, your written statement or letter is a reflection of who you are. Your letter must show so much maturity by writing sentence in a professional and decent manner as it has a high chance of you winning the scholarship award.
  3. Create A Rough Outline FirstResearch, brainstorm and write your thoughts on paper. Pick out the important points and begin to frame them in sections as the align with each other. Prepare an outline for the letter. A letter should not contain your random thoughts, so execute the outline perfectly. Examples of thoughts you should take note of, while trying to get a point.

Who are you and for what do you apply?
Why did you choose this university/diploma/ program?
How did you hear about this university/study/ program?

4. Review Your Words: After writing, your first cover letter, take a deep breath. Take up a leisure activity for few minutes, just to feel relaxed. The goal is to reorient your mind and recalibrate it. A good rule is to take a break of a few minutes every thirty minutes to an hour of work. If you do not take the break you so badly need, just plug into the writer’s block.

5. Get A Third-party To Review It:While scanning through your letter, there are some mistakes you might not easily detect, which is why it is advisable to read through a third eye, which means, getting someone to read through your essay or letter for any mistake, so that it can be corrected quickly.

Sample Of Letter Of Intent;



Sender/Your name…


Address and contact info…


Date: DD/MM/YY (the author wrote the letter to the reader on this very date)




Receiver/Respected person Name…


Job Designation…


Subject: Letter for applying for a scholarship


Respected (Sir/to whom the letter is addressed)


This Letter of Intent is to announce to you that I have offered an application for the (the meeting of the year), (name of the scholarship) Scholarship Program. (Describe in your words). I have accomplished my Bachelor’s program (Educational qualification) in regulation and I wish to apply to Master’s in the regulation searching admission in the fall of this year (mention the year). (Explain all about the situation). I am very much involved in joining in (name of the university) as it is the only place where I can excel in my yearned area. (Describe your confidence and dedication). I have been imagining revising in the university since my childhood and I would appreciate the significance of the degree from (name of the university). (Cordially describe your greetings and requirements).


Yours Faithfully,


(name and signature)


Wishing you great success as you begin writing your letter of intent, if you went through this article carefully, you sure would end with a convincing letter of intent.

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