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Italy Student Visa Requirements Guidelines for International Students

Italy Student Visa Requirements – It is the only valid visa that can be used to travel to Italy for enrollment in a higher education institution. Italy Student Visa is an extended-term visa, We also have a visa for Tourists’ Medical Treatment Visa, Conferences Visa, Sport Competition Visa, Government Delegation Visa as well as Religious Purposes Visa is the different kinds of Italy Visas.

If you’re not from within the EU or EEA It’s likely that you’ll require a long-term D visa before you are able to learn at a university in Italy. This kind of visa is intended for students who plan to stay in Italy for more than three months. It will cost approximately EUR60. It is recommended to submit a request for a student visa at least three months prior to when you are planning to travel to Italy. Both EU and students who stay in Italy for longer than 90 days have to apply for a residence permit at the time they arrive in Italy.

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How To Apply for Italy Student Visa Requirement

  1. Accept an offer from a university: Pay any necessary fees to secure your place at the Italian university you have chosen.
  2. Contact or visit your nearest consulate or embassy: Find out the exact visa process for your home country, including the documents you need to complete, and schedule an interview for your Italian visa application.
  3. Attend a visa interview: Submit the documents asked for and pay the fee for this application.
  4. Wait for the results: You will receive a visa outcome in writing.
  5. Apply for a residence permit: Within eight days of arriving in Italy, you need to apply for your residence permit at your nearest Questura — a type of police station. EU students must also complete this step within 20 days of entering the country.
  6. Receive a permit: Your permit may take a couple of months to be created, so within this time you may be issued with a temporary document.

Italy Student Visa Requirements

  • Recent color passport-style photograph
  • Valid passport (the expiry date should be three months longer than that of the visa requested)
  • Confirmation of a place at an Italian university
  • Educational history and documents to support this
  • Confirmation of accommodation in Italy
  • Proof of finances to support yourself in Italy
  • Health insurance

Italy Student Visa Processing Time

The processing of your visa application should usually take between one and three weeks, however, you should aim to schedule your visa interview around six weeks in advance.

That means you should start the process two or three months before your departure date. If you leave it too much later any delays in the process could mean you don’t get your visa in time.

Italy Student Visa Requirements Documents

  • Two copies of recently taken 35mm x 45mm colored passport photographs against a white background.
  • International passport (valid for 6months from the date of submission) with three consecutive blank pages
  • Academic results and transcripts.
  • Admission letter
  • Two copies of colored photocopies of biodata pages of international passport.
  • A copy of the typed sheet of the applicant’s biodata information is arranged in the format below:
    • Surname
    • Other names
    • Date of Birth
    • Passport Number
    • Personal phone number
    • Personal email address
    • Nationality
    • Travel date
    • To be Used Airline
    • Flight route
  • Colored photocopies of previous and current visas (UK, US, CANADA, SCHENGEN)
  • The following supporting documents (if applicable):
  • Personal or sponsor’s bank statement for the past six months till date or printed 15 days to date of submission
  • Letter of Employment/ Employment details
  • Six months’ payslips
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Any other additional documents

Italy Student Visa Application Rejected

Receiving a rejection letter can be distressing, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your plans to study in Italy.

The reason for the rejection should be included in the letter. If it’s something that’s easily fixed, like an incomplete form, you should submit a new application ensuring that everything is included.

Common reasons for a rejected Italian student visa application include:

  • Lack of proof of funds to support yourself
  • Incomplete application form
  • Missing or false documents
  • Intention to return home after graduation is not clear
  • Invalid travel insurance

If you do not agree that your application should have been rejected, you can make an appeal. You will need to submit this in writing, explaining clearly why you think you’re application was incorrectly refused and providing any supporting evidence you have.


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